Software Training
learn to use your pc or mac

You have a computer and you are not sure what to do with it. No Worries.


Technical Support
help when things go wrong

So you are not technically minded. That's ok. I can help.


Website Design
looking pretty on the web

If you are wanting to get your name in pixels on the world wide web. I can get you there!

Help when things go wrong
someone to explain it in practical terms

Today there is a whole other language when talking technology. New products and services need new names to stand out. USB, Bluetoooth, RAM, and all other acronyms.


Learn to us your PC or Mac
learn the skills to be productive...

Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS...
Email, Browsers, Printing...
Surf the web and much more...

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Looking pretty on the web
for your business, hobby or club

Some things in life just don't need to be complicated. Most people look for the information and facts they need. If they can't find it they will go somewhere else.

I design simple and professional looking websites without all the fluff.